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Autumn/Fall Update!

I have my rights back to the Under the Hood Series, and am working to get it ready to re-release. This is the series of 3 books about the 3 owners of the Under the Hood Garage, in Meadowsweet, a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The first story was written as a novella – the guidelines at the time from the call for stories was that it should be short and sweet. Once Entangled Publishing contracted the story, the ideas for the two second books in the Under the Hood world took shape, and these two longer stories – Love for Beginners and Racing the Hunter’s Moon. Although originally written with my regular level of heat, the series moved into the Bliss line – which has a closed door policy – and so they lost their sex scenes.

So… Relaunch… I have new covers, and am in the process of rewriting the first book :Under the Hood. I want Alice and Mark’s story to be longer, bigger and better than it originally was, and so a total revamp is needed. The final story will be almost three times bigger than the first version, so this is a substantial rewrite.

Love for Beginners and Racing the Hunter’s Moon are both stories that I am happy with, but there will be some revision and rewriting – they’ll be losing their ‘clean and wholesome, closed door sex’ tag, to round out the stories and emotional reactions of the characters.

And while working through these stories, I’ve found another character whose story should be written, so there may be another Under the Hood book before the year is out too.

I’ll be doing a cover reveal in the next week or two – followed by the books being available for purchase and pre-order on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

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