• Lady Mary’s Book of Receipts:

    Recipes, Remedies and Cures from an Irish Georgian House.

    Winner in Best Non-Fiction category of the Irish CAP Awards, 2023.

“Such a beautiful crafted book giving insight into a bygone era. I loved leafing through the lush pages and have recommended them to friends! Great for a coffee table book or to read while sipping coffee in front of the fire on a cold night.”Amazon Review
  • Lady Mary’s Book of Receipts has won BEST NON-FICTION in the Irish CAP AWARDS 2023.
  • It can be ordered in hardback and paperback in all bookshops and especially the online bookshop – https://www.thegreatbritishbookshop.co.uk/
  • Hardback ISBN:9781738411504

    Paperback ISBN: 9781738411511